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(Critical) Heritage-related Projects, Programs and Organizations

International Movement for a New Museology (MINOM) – Founded in 1985, MINOM is an international forum for action and ideas, aimed at making new museology known throughout the world. Current members include museum and heritage scholars and practitioners, community volunteers, allied professionals  and students. MINOM is currently involved with promoting the philosophy and practices of community museology, ecomuseology and sociomuseology. For more information, as well as to become a member, please visit:

Middle Passage Ceremonies and Port Markers Project – MPCPMP brings together many individuals who are motivated to share information regarding enslaved Africans and their descendants who profoundly shaped the Western Hemisphere and Europe.  Three distinct boards work to facilitate  activities, donating their expertise so that Project-sponsored events best reflect the important historical and cultural reality of the Middle Passage. For more information, please visit: